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Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival

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Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival

   The Edinburgh Lodge Blog   July 20, 2016  Comments Off on Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival

Edinburgh: the majestic capital of Scotland. This city was founded 14 centuries ago and is now one of the most populated cities in the United Kingdom. A cosmopolitan city center, it is a perfect escape for urbanites looking to get away from home, while being surrounded by rolling country hills and majestic beaches. Edinburgh is a perfect mix of ancient history and culture mixed with the modern. In the past few decades, this city has also become renowned for its numerous festivals dotted throughout the year. It is known as a festival city, where people from all corners of the world flock to celebrate arts, culture, ideas and music. The Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival is one of the most famous of the 12 festivals that it hosts every year, and is also on of the top 10 European Jazz Festivals.

About the Festival
Initially the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, it was initiated in 1978 by Mike Hart, a banjo player and guitarist. Since then, it has grown to a 10-day summer festival in July. Now held in larger theaters and parks rather than in pubs, the Festival encompasses all kinds of jazz music to cater to a wider audience. The event is now mostly ticketed, with a few free events like the Mardi Gras, the Carnival, and the Jazz on a Summers Day events. The Festival focuses on providing musical excelling while also encouraging and cultivating creativity and the spontaneous creation of new music. During this event, Edinburgh is host to talent from all over the world, from New Orleans and Chicago to a number of European cities.

Musical Talents
This year, the Festival has organized performances along 8 wide themes and will present over 170 concerts, featuring thousands of musicians. These themes include:

  • Brass & Crimson is a celebration of the influence Jazz has had on other genres and the evolution of the jazz and musical experiences. It is a salute to the iconic scene and age that brought the Scottish Drambuie to prominence.
  • Cross the Tracks is a showcase of modern music played in alternative club environments. Musicians featured in this give their jazz and blues heritages a new mix with sounds from electronica, punk, hip-hop and afro-latin music, among others.
  • The Europe Jazz Summit highlights the European take on jazz, holding concerts with artists from countries such as France, Sweden, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary, and more.
  • Musicians from Scotland collaborate with international players in a 6-concert Scottish Jazz Expo.
  • Alas, you cannot have a proper celebration of jazz without icons from New Orleans, Memphis, Mississippi and Chicago performing at The Blues.
  • New talent is also celebrated at the Firsts, where established artists play alongside those just making their start.

The Edinburgh Festival Theatre is the city’s most historical theatre, and host to the most prominent names in jazz and blues, with audiences of up to 2,000.

The Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival is one of the most anticipated music festivals in the UK and Europe. Set in a historic, centuries-old city, this music festival caters to people of all ages, from all corners of the world.

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