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Edinburgh Vegan Festival

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Edinburgh Vegan Festival

   The Edinburgh Lodge Blog   July 27, 2016  Comments Off on Edinburgh Vegan Festival

The popularity of festivals has increased all over the world in recent years. Summertime festivals are especially popular, with festivals being arranged in all corners of the world. The Vegan Festival is one such UK-wide series of festivals, which sets up in different British towns and cities over a few summer weekends. One of their upcoming festivals will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, on August 20th and 21st. Thus is the second year that Edinburgh is hosting this festival, which will be attended by thousands of people from across the United Kingdom.

What is Veganism?

There are a variety of different clean-eating diets, many of which focus on plant-based products. The two most common plant-based diets that we hear of these days are vegetarianism and veganism. What is the difference between the two, though? Put succinctly, vegetarians focus on avoiding meat, fish or poultry. Vegans take this one step further, and also do not use animal products and by-products, or products used made through or tested on animals. They seek to live in such a way that is as free as possible of animal exploitation and cruelty for food and clothing, or other purposes such as cosmetics.

About the Festival

The Vegan Festivals are a celebration of the vegan lifestyle. They seek to help vegan business promote, market, and develop their goods and services. Vegan companies from all over the UK come together to promote a culture of animal love and cruelty-free life. It is a fabulous event promoting veganism and features a wide variety of stalls that exhibit and sell vegan produce, makeup, and clothing. It is a festival where ethical and cruelty-free products are sold and promoted, linking vegans with each other and with retailers of such products. They sell not only bakery items and hot food, but also pet treats and cosmetics.


The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is playing a part of the UK Vegan Festival this year and helping them to promote vegetarianism and veganism. It will also help to support and link like-minded people and organizations that endorse or practice veganism. It is also a good educational opportunity for those considering this lifestyle or wanting to learn more about it. Although the festival only allows plant-based, vegan food into the venue, everyone is welcome, even omnivores. It is planned to be an amazing festival with educational entertainment including food and music.  

Those coming for the festival will also have the opportunity to explore this culturally and historically rich region. Edinburgh is a cosmopolitan city surrounded by rolling countryside vistas and a beautiful coastline. It also boasts a world-famous castle on top of a volcanic rock, as well as the Queen’s official Scottish residence.

The Vegan Festival UK are a promotion and celebration of the vegan lifestyle, linking producers and consumers alike. Set to be held in the historic jewel of a city that is Edinburgh this summer, it is sure to be an event that you do not want to miss!

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